ACWIC employer-admin API service

This is a software component (microservice) that is designed to be operated by Aged Care Providers to facilitate machine-to-machine interaction with Training Providers.

This technical documentation is aimed at software developers and systems integrators who need to operate or interface this software.

It is an open-source reference implementation provided by the Aged Care Workforce Industry Council (ACWIC) and published at GitHub. This particular component is designed to work as part of a suite of microservices. There is documentation about how to run the services together on ReadTheDocs.

This component is called “Employer Admin Service” because it’s shorter name than “Aged Care Provider Admin Service” (more compact, easier to type). But when we say “Employer” we mean “Aged Care Provider”.

This service provides administrative features that support Aged Care Providers to consume training services from partner organisations (Training Providers). Employers would operate this service (or do something equivalent) so that they can transact with Training Providers and consume the data they provide about the provision of training services.

System Requirements

The Aged Care Provider uses this service for one administrative task (create new enrolment authorisation) and to access data provided by Training Providers.


   package "Employer\nIntegration Microservices" {
       database "Callbacks" as cbq
       component "Callback\nService" as cbh #grey
       cbh -down-> cbq #grey
       component "Admin\nService" as emp_admin
       emp_admin -up-> cbq
       database "Enrolments" as config
       cbh -down-> config #grey
       emp_admin -up-> config

   usecase "create new\nenrollment authorisation\n(returns callback code)" as uc1
   boundary "POST\n/enrollments/" as post_enrollment
   uc1 -right-> post_enrollment
   post_enrollment -down- emp_admin

   usecase "view\nenrollment status\nand summary" as uc2
   boundary "GET\n/enrollments/{id}" as get_enrollment
   uc2 -right-> get_enrollment
   get_enrollment -down- emp_admin

   usecase "view\nevent summary" as uc3
   boundary "GET\n/enrollments/{id}/journal" as get_journal
   uc3 -right-> get_journal
   get_journal -right- emp_admin

   usecase "view\nevent detail\ne.g. micro-credential" as uc5
   boundary "GET\n/enrollments/{id}/journal/{id}" as get_event
   uc5 -right-> get_event
   get_event -up- emp_admin

   actor "Aged\nCare\nProvider" as ac
   ac -up-> uc1
   ac -right-> uc2
   ac -down-> uc3
   ac -down-> uc5

   actor "Training\nProvider" as tp #grey
   usecase "dispatch\ntraining event" as uc4 #grey
   boundary "POST\n/callbacks/{enrollmentId}" as cbapi #grey
   tp -right-> uc4 #grey
   uc4 -right-> cbapi #grey
   cbapi -down- cbh #grey


The above diagram shows Training Providers dispatching training events to the callback service for context. This is where the callback data comes from, such that the admin service can access it.

Create new enrolment authorisation

The “enrolment authorisation” is a bridging identifier that links student identity in the Training Provider system with the employee identity in the Aged Care Provider system.

It also contains a unique “shared secret” used by the Training Provider for authentication when communicating with the Aged Care Provider about this enrolment.

View enrolment status and summary

When the Aged Care provider first creates an enrolment, the service generates some unique identifiers but these have not yet been shared with anyone.

Over time, as data is accumulated about the enrolment authorisation, (because Training Providers are sending data to the callback service) the status of the enrolment may change. For example:

  • transactional messages inform the employer that an enrolment was successful, or a course has been completed, etc

  • credential messages inform the employer when students demonstrate competance as assessed by criteria that are part of an agreed standard

  • training insight messages provide the employer with additional information that the training provider thinks may provide useful insights to the employer

The enrolment status is derived from the transactional messages. The enrolment summary adds an aggregated summary of messages received to the status.

View event summary

The event summary provides a summary of all the transactional, credential and training insight messages sent to the employer by the training provider in relation to a particular enrolment.

This provides a complete history of the enrolment, containing enough information to calculate the current state and also what the state would have been at any point in the past.

The event summary is also an index of event details, that can be used to access what the training provider sent.

View event detail

This endpoint allows the employer to access exactly what the training provider sent them.